Why choti diwali is celebrated?

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Diwali festival is celebrated by all Hindus over the world. It is one of the most beautiful festivals which focus on light to give stunning look to the home.  In the festival, usually, people are decorating their house with color rangoli and crackers.  On choti diwali, people distribute sweets to neighbor and relatives.  Firecrackers give more enjoyment and fun to the people. The choti diwali is celebrated before the day of diwali.  It will be celebrated with enthusiasm and favor by Hindus every year.  It is also called as small diwali or Narak Chaturdas.  In this day, few lights lit and crackers are burst.

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Importance of choti diwali:

Based on hindu tradition choti diwali is celebrated by people. It is celebrated for narakasura who killed by goddess kali,   goddess sathyabama and Lord Krishna. Women decorate their resident with beautiful rangolis in morning of the day.    They draw beautiful designs of rangolis on the courtyard. Lakshmi puja will don in evening with bhajans and arati. After the puja diyas are placed on the door way.

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 How choti diwali rejoices?

In the choti diwali, the majority of hindus take bath in the Ganges river.  It is a most exciting festival which gives more happiness to devotees on a special day.  The choti diwali is believed by taking a dip on the holy ganges river.

It assists a person to save from narka. Hindus apply sesame or tile oil on their head on the holy bath. People wear new clothes after a holy bath. They take breakfast with family members in choti diwali.   All houses are enriched with oil lamps on the evening of choti diwali. People prepare sweets to serve to relatives. People in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Goa are celebrating diwali in choti diwali while other celebrated on next day.

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  • People wake up before sunrise on the day
  • Take breaking fruits which smashed by lord kirshna
  • By using sandalwood they take oil path

Celebrate choti diwali with sweets and crackers:

In the choti diwali, people host it with more rejoice.  Mostly it is celebrated for the death of narakasura. They receive sweets from their neighbors and relatives on the day.  The choti diwali offers joyous to the Hindus.  In a specific way, all people celebrate the festival based on the rituals. Adults and kids enjoy with bursting cracker. So, enjoy the day with crackers.


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