Serve Lord Ganesh his favourite food and enjoy the pleasure of serving goddess!

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Each human being has its own choice of favourite foods. Just like us similar things that go for Goddess as well. For the festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali along with us enjoying our food preparing foods and offering them to the goddess on the day of festivals is one of the Indian rituals. Of course, it gives massive effect when you prepare the favourite foods for the goddess

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Foods to offer Lord Ganesh on this Diwali 2018 Pooja

  1. Modaks

It is one of the south Indian dishes and it is sweet dumplings dish prepared with rice flour. These are usually stuffed with jaggery and coconut inside it. In different regions, you can find the variety of modaks all over India. So for this Diwali 2018 Pooja, make sure to offer this favourite food to Lord Ganesha.

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  1. Motichor Ladoos

Undoubtedly, Motichor Ladoos is the second favourite sweet food for Lord Ganesha. In all the lord Ganesha pictures, you can always notice the big Motichor Ladoos carrying on his left hand. So don’t forget to offer this food to Lord Ganesh for this Diwali 2018 Pooja

  1. Bananas

Of course, Ganesh loves to eat Banana fruit since it is more delicious and healthy. And moreover, it quickly digests the food and makes the people feel hungry too soon which is why maybe Lord Ganesh like it too.LOL! Anyway don’t forget to serve this favourite fruit to Lord Ganesha for this Diwali 2018 Pooja

  1. Badhusha

It is one of the most favourite food of Lord Ganesha. You can make these delicious sweet at home as well. But for those busy people who were running out of time can buy them at the local sweet shops. So don’t forget to offer this food to Lord Ganesh for this Diwali 2018 Pooja

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  1. Muruku or Chakli

This food is another traditional recipe that is most liked by the goddess of Lord Ganesha. An ingredient used to make this dish is urad dal and rice flour. This food can be served to the Lord Ganesha since it is one of the favourite food for him. To serve this dish and enjoy the pleasure of serving to a goddess!

For this Diwali 2018 Pooja, prepare the favourite foods of goddess lord Ganesha and enjoy the immense pleasure of serving the goddess favourite food.



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