Reasons to avoid Crackers for Diwali in 2018!

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If there is the day that people went dread every year that is Diwali. Sure the festival of lights is the common and most famous festival in the Hindu religion. But still, the name of Diwali makes some people panic because of the loud fireworks, deadly pollution from the release of chemicals and metals in the atmosphere.

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Of course, Diwali in 2018 without fireworks is incomplete it seems. But our human environment is already been polluted with many of the smokes and the pollutions and this Diwali in 2018 will add extra to it. People sure would ask many questions about why there are the lots of accidents during Diwali in 2018 season.

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Here are some reasons why we should avoid crackers on Diwali in 2018

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  • Smog

Even the winter season may not begin already, but the atmosphere may be covered with smog and the chemicals that released from the high decibel fireworks and crackers. During Diwali in 2018, let’s do some measure to cause any additional pollution to our environment by avoiding the crackers on this Diwali in 2018

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  • Fire Accidents

It is most common when it comes to Diwali in 2018 season. Let it be a small cracker or high decibel firework. The small spark of fire is just enough to cause the dangerous big fire accidents. Why we ourselves risk our lives? Let try to avoid crackers and fireworks and enjoy calm and safe Diwali in 2018 spreading happiness around the world.

  • Garbage

Lets’ forget about Swach Bharat Nigam Campaign. But you people wouldn’t like to see your residential place to see garbage all over when you first wake up on the day of Diwali? The fireworks and crackers not only pollute the air by releasing the chemicals but also pollute the land and groundwater. Think well and do the wise choice by avoiding firecrackers for Diwali in 2018!

  • Cause more dangerous to children and pregnant women

It will show the massive effects on pregnant women and children when they are near the fireworks area. Some researches and scientist said that these dangerous chemicals will affect more the baby in the mother’s womb. Even noise from these crackers cause stress to the pregnant women and cause abnormality to the baby in the mother’s womb.

Nothing we gained while cracking fireworks in Diwali in 2018! Let’s avoid crackers and let people have the safe Diwali 2018!



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