Rangoli designs for Diwali 2018

Rangoli designs for Diwali, images, GIS and status for Whatsapp and Instagram

diwali festival rangoliThe vibrant colour combinations on Diwali create auspicious and positive environment all together. The beautiful Rangoli designs for Diwali have been collected by our experts and uploaded right here for your convenience. We have the latest idea of Rangoli designs for Diwali 2018 that you can draw very easily and share the same with your friends on social media .

rangoli designs for diwaliSo let us begin with some of the best Rangoli designs for Diwali –

  • rangoli design for Diwali Idea number one

The most beautiful rangoli design for Diwali that anyone can draw is by representing the national bird peacock. With minimal expertise, anyone can create a beautiful big Peacock with bright colour combination. Peacock does not have any complicated design which makes it  afavourite idea for creating beautiful rangoli design on Diwali.

  • rangoli designs for competitionrangoli design for Diwali Idea number 2

The unique design having geometrical pattern with a yellow base and blue floral design looks nice and sober. You can also do a little more detail in by combining different colours for representing the leaf, Roses and Outer border of the rangoli design for Diwali.

  • Rangoli design for Diwali Idea number 3

You can draw the design where two Love Birds face each other and initiate some details on the feather. The beautiful and bright colour combination with modified overall appearance is a good thing to do. You can also pick up few earthen lamp and add on to the face of rangoli design for Diwali to complete it. Alternatively, you can create Diya and inverted mango design for consolidating the overall diameter of Rangoli.

  • rangoli design for Diwali Idea number 4

the festival of Diwali remains incomplete if the little girls and women of the family do not create bright colouredrangoli patterns. Creating a rangoli design for Diwali doesn’t requires much skin all the time. Sometimes, just free hand movement rangoli design for Diwali are enough to give that festival to everyone in the home. the four petal rangoli design idea created around the corners of the home are always breathtaking. They can be drawn for padeva and BhaiDooj Depending upon your personal choice.

  • rangoli design for Diwali Idea number 5

You can club different materials along with elaborate rangoli design ideas. Creating Chakra or Mandela design using Rangoli powder is often initiated by many women. Drawing Rangoli represents a soulful invitation sent to Goddess Lakshmi. The Hindu deities are welcome for sacred enlightenment of home. women mostly draw Diwali rangoli designs in the courtyard or entrance of the home.

The traditional art of India, rangoli design ideas sometimes carried by using dry flour or rice powder. Colourcombinations generate magnificent pieces of art which create positive vibration in the home. Rangoli is known to affect the neurological working of brain.

It stimulates the sensory nerves and helps in relaxation by sending positive messages to the Brain. Instead of celebrating Diwali by bursting crackers and creating pollution, draw beautiful Rangoli designs for Diwali that are eco-friendly and enchanting in every aspect.