Popular Food You Can Try For Diwali In 2018

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The Diwali is one of the popular and interesting festivals in India. Most of the people celebrate the Diwali around the world. The Diwali is festival of lights that was Hindu celebration. But today, the Diwali is celebrated by the Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, and others. The Diwali is the five-day celebration that is the new moon day. This festival occurs in the autumn every year in either October or November.

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During the diwali in 2018, the people light the huge range of the diyas, candles, and lamps in the home and city. It creates the positive vibrates in the home. During the diwali in 2018, the people share sweets and gift each other. The fireworks, ghee-laden wicked diyas, electric lamps light up on the doors, inside the home, streets, and other places on diwali in 2018 that bring goodness to your home.

Food You Can Try For Diwali In 2018

Famous food and sweets in Diwali

This festival is celebrated by the Hindus and Jains to pray the Lakshmi for the goddess of wealth. On the diwali in 2018, the people eat the variety of the sweets and foods. Without the sweets, the Diwali is incomplete.  Here you can see the popular food and sweets during the diwali in 2018. Do not miss to eat this food for the diwali in 2018.

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Diwali 5 Days Greeting

  • Samosa

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The samosa is one of the traditional snacks. Many people eat this snack on Diwali. It is the small pockets of pastry. It is triangle shape that stuffed with the minced peas, meat, vegetables and others. If you missed eating these snacks then don’t worry you can try the samosa for diwali in 2018.

Diwali Wishes 2018

Diwali 2018 Wishes in Hindi

  • Aloo Tikki

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The aloo tikki is another popular food in Diwali. You can eat the aloo tikki for the diwali in 2018. It is made with the potatoes that formed into the small patties. It is served as the side dish to the meal. You can also eat the hot aloo tikki with the tamarind sauce, mint sauce, tomato sauce, yogurt and others.

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Diwali Joytish Tips

  • Choddo Shak

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The choddo shak is tasty and delicious food that originates in the Bengal. You can eat the Choddo shak for the diwali in 2018. It is made with the different types of the leafy green with herbs, chilies, and others. It is one of the special foods for the special occasions such as Diwali, wedding, and others. You can enjoy this food with your family and friends.

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Hindi Wishes in Hindi Language

  • Mawa Kachori

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The Mawa Kachori is popular sweet that is dried milk product. During the diwali in 2018, the people share this sweet with their friends. It is stuffed with the nuts, cardamom sugar, mawa, and others.



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