Make delicious Desserts and make your Diwali so sweetie!!

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Diwali in 2018 is the five-day celebration festival that occurs in the autumn season either in October or in November. Diwali in 2018 is one of the most awaiting and beautiful festivals in the world where the people enjoy the festival of lights by spreading happiness to the world. This Diwali in 2018 festival is symbolic of eliminating off the darkness and spreading the brightness in our human’s lives.

That is why on the day of Diwali in 2018; people are expressing themselves with crackers and serving sweets to their neighbours and family members. So for this Diwali in 2018, people will sure busy in their shopping for new clothes and other home appliances to celebrate the Diwali in 2018 festival. But it will be of no fun if a person doesn’t have the desserts on their dining table on the day of Diwali in 2018 festival.

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Here are 5 Desserts to try during Diwali 2018 without a miss

  1. Payasam

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It is one of south Indian dessert. Payasam word is also the Sanskrit word for milk. Payasam is served as the dish in most festivals like Pongal, Diwali in 2018, etc. in Tamilnadu. This traditional Payasam consists of items like milk, jaggery, sugar. For its flavour taste, it gets added with pineapple, carrot and even mango.

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  1. Kozhukattai

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It is one of the popular south Indian desserts. It is the sweet dumpling dish which is prepared from rice flour with the dumping of jaggery, coconut, etc. it is prepared in most of India during festivals or it is simply eaten in breakfast or intake along with the tea as the snack. Enjoy this delicious dessert for this Diwali in 2018

  1. Maa Ladoo

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It is one of the rich in protein dish and it is made with six types of ingredients. It is good for nutrition and it usually melts in the mouth when it intakes

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  1. Rawa Kesari

For this Diwali in 2018, enjoy the south Indian dish of raw Kesari with its creamy taste. It is usually orange in colour with the addition of colour flavouring substance. People can add fruits of their wish to make it more delicious

  1. Paniyaram

It is extremely easy to prepare, these are made with chewy on inside and fluffy. It can also serve as the snack when people are too hungry since it is very easy to prepare. We can also add chopped bananas to make it yummier.



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