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mahalaxmi pooja The spiritual festival of Diwali is widely celebrated Laxmi Pujan  2018 quotations and WhatsApp status shared among relatives and friends. We have jotted down beautiful collection of Laxmi Pujan  2018 quotations and digital card that you can lovingly send to your friends and relatives.

diwali pooja saman list in hindiLaxmi Pujan  2018 wishes

Laxmi Pujan  2018 quote 1

  • Colour of the sky is blue, I just love this you, my love for you my hero bhai, lots of wishes for you Happy Diwali and Laxmi Pujan 2018.

Laxmi Pujan  2018 quote 2

  • Deepavali is the day when we celebrate victory of truth over evil . let’s continue the same spirit by energizing my life of deprived and poor. Happy Laxmi Puja 2018

Laxmi Pujan  2018 quote3

  • Auspicious festival of Diwali is a good way to start your work. May the victory over bad keeps your life enlightened and helps you to find the correct way to do things. happy Lakshmi puja 2018

Laxmi Pujan  2018 quote 4

  • may Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Rama helpsyou to defeat the Evil from your life on this Diwali. May you success in every Avenue with more happiness and peace.

Laxmi Pujan  2018 quote 5

  • may your friends and relatives receive the choicest blessings from Goddess Lakshmi on this Laxmi Pujan 2018. May you have a blessed Diwali Khushiyo wali.

Laxmi Pujan  2018 quote6

  • may you keep away from darkness from your life and feel happy as the light of goodness surrounds your life. happy Diwali 2018 .aapkoLaxmi Pujan 2018kibahutbahutshubhkamnayeMahalaxmikaAashirwadaapprAmritBarsae.

Laxmi Pujan  2018 quote7

  • I pray that Lakshmi puja 2018 gives the peace, prosperity and wealth with seamless success. Bhagwan Kare aapko shubh kamnaye Mile aur aapke sari mano kamna Puri Ho.

laxmi puja itemsThe culture of celebrating Diwali is worth lasting for eternity. The joyful festival expects you to take certain safety tips while bursting crackers and lighting diyas. The tradition of Diwali has been passed from one generation to another with lots of love and enthusiasm. People still have the same feeling for celebrating Diwali just the way they had years back. The beautiful festival can never fade away from our hearts. Let us share few more Lakshmi pujan 2018 quotations to be shared on the occasion of Diwali –

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Shubh Deepavali 2018 Laxmi Pujan  e-cards in English and Hindi language can be shared on your social media pages like Twitter to wish your friends and relatives with heartfelt words.

process of diwali pujaHappy Diwali and Lakshmi puja 2018 messages –

Laxmi Pujan  2018 msg 1

  • If you do not go for Laxmi Pujan 2018 this Diwali, believe me your seven days are going to be something like – sad day ,moanday, tearsday, wasteday, thirstday, frightday and pray to Goddess Lakshmi everyday and wish you a happy Diwali soulful wali.

Laxmi Pujan  2018 msg 2

  • My eyes and one heart with 7 litres of blood in my body and 206 bones think about Laxmi Pujan 2018 24 X7.

Laxmi Pujan  2018 msg 3

  • The shadows can never depress you if Goddess Lakshmi herself Protects. Here are my heartfelt wishes for inviting your day every day. May you have Shubh Laxmi Puja 2018.

Laxmi Pujan  2018 msg 4

  • Let us all pray to Goddess Lakshmi for giving us more happiness, peace and abundance of Joy for celebrating the festival of Diwali with friends and family. MayGoddess Lakshmi gives you her blessing throughout the year and life.

Laxmi Pujan  2018 msg 5

  • I wish your life always remain cheerful, happy and delighted with lots of Health and wonderful gifts. May this Lakshmi puja 2018 give you something extra.

More information about Lakshmi puja 2018 and Diwali greetings

The Goddess of wealth, Mahalakshmi is read for good fortune and generosity particularly on the day of Dhanteras that falls 2 days before Diwali. Goddess Lakshmi is known to relieve her followers from anxiety, sorrows and any short coming in life. She is the giver of prosperity and wealth. Lakshmi Ji is Also known as wife of Lord Vishnu. He is the reliever of sorrows and sadness. Goddess Lakshmi is also known as jaganmatha which Literally means the mother of universe.

Here are some of the most enchanting Lakshmi Pujan2018Mantra, quotations and proverbs that you can share and speak for getting more blessings from the Goddess of wealth.

Laxmi Pujan  2018whatsapp quote 1

  • a goddess giver, bless me with some Power so that Evil shivers. Give me lesser wealth but more health Goddess Lakshmi. This Diwali come to my house and bless my family with your pious foot marks.

Laxmi Pujan  2018 whatsapp quote 2

  • I am not a mind who gets inflicted by the impression of others. I have a soulful heart follows the correct with the blessings of Mahalaxmi Puja 2018.

Laxmi Pujan  2018 whatsapp quote 3

  • Devi Mahalaxmi aapke ghar par Sawar Banaye, Ronak De aur aapsa bhiko Diwali keParv par Apne Aashirwad Se susho bhit Kare.

Laxmi Pujan  2018 whatsapp quote 4

  • Diwali ke din Mahalaxmi aapke ghar pe Anand, Ronak aur Pawan De. Aapke gharpe Koi kami na Hoon, aapka Ghar khushiyon se Bhara ho jaye aur karo baar tarakki karta Jaye.

Laxmi Pujan  2018 whatsapp quote 5

  • Apne doston ke liye Mangta Hoon aapse Aashirwad, karta hoon vinti baram bar, aapko main Apna Aashirvaad De, Din par Din AapKa Pariwar tarakki kare.

Laxmi Pujan  2018 whatsapp quote 6

  • Lakshmi Pujan ka tyohaar hai aaj, maa ki Aradhana Mein Sab talli. Ho jao, Ghar Jayegi Mar, Puri Karegi sahabki manokamna.

Laxmi Pujan  2018 whatsapp quote 7

  • Is Diwali par khul jaaye aapke Kismat Ke Tare, Dhan Samridhi or shanti Mile khoobJee BharKe. Aapki Mann Ki Koi Bhi iccha adhoori Na Rahe, Aisi manoKamna karta hoon Mahalaxmi se baram bar.

Laxmi Pujan  2018 whatsapp quote 8

  • Utsav Pooja Mata ka, Pratap De aapko Burger King, Sada aapka Bade karobaar, Mahalakshmi Pujan 2018 ki shubh kamnaye