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Lakshmi and Ganesh pooja quotations, WhatsApp messages, Instagram status and images

Quotations for Laxmi Ganesh puja are much required by Hindu families who celebrate diwali by following the traditional rituals. Forwarding messages and images for Laxmi Ganesh puja is a common phenomenon amongst Hindu residing in Nepal and India. We have brought some of the best Laxmi Ganesh puja images and status in Hindi and English so that your friends and family can enjoy reading them.

Interesting messages on Laxmi Ganesh puja quotes for Instagram and images

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lakshmi pujaLakshmi and Ganesh pooja messages in Hindi and English

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 1

  • I pray to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha to fulfill all your dreams within these 5 days of Diwali pujan. Lakshmi and Ganesh pooja brings you more prosperity and luck throughout your life.

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 2

  • Lakshmi and Ganesh pooja is incomplete without offering prayers, flowers, sweets and holy water. In the same way, my Diwali is incomplete without your good wishes. Hope to meet you this Diwali.

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 3

  • Happy Diwali in the day for celebration, it is the day when world celebrates goodness over evil. Let us continue the tradition by energizing our Lakshmi and Ganesh pooja with the blessings Of Mahalakshmi.

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Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 4

  • Lakshmi and Ganesh pooja wishes are incomplete without our family members. My share of blessing is your SMS and quotations on Diwali which are received on my mobile and Facebook wall.

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 5

Deepavali celebration in an auspicious occasion to begin with something good and to celebrate goodness and victory over bad. The new era of Diwali should never forget the traditional rituals of Ganesh Lakshmi puja 2018.

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 6

May you get the heartfelt blessings of Lord Ram and Goddess Lakshmi for a happy and successful Diwali occasion. May you have the power to defeat the evil and do good in your life.

deepawali poojan

Lakshmi and Ganesh pooja wishes for girlfriend, family and relatives

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 1

  • I wish Goddess Lakshmi blesses you with someone special in your life this Diwali. May you have the choicest blessings of Ganesh and Lakshmi on this Lakshmi and Ganesh puja.

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 2

  • May you get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi to keep you away from darkness and wrong deed. Wish you a very happy Deepavali and Ganesh Laxmi Pujan.

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 3

  • may your Fortune becomes as long as the trunk of Ganesh ji. May God bless you with all the money and wealth and your life becomes as peaceful and sweet as laddu of Ganesh ji. Happy Ganesh LaxmiPujanaapka Din mangalmay Ho.

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 4

  • May you have the best wishes and happiness for Laxmi Ganesh puja. MS Subbulakshmi gives you peace, prosperity and plenty of wealth this Diwali.

diwali lakshmi puja 2018

Best quotations on Ganesh Laxmi Puja

Lakshmi and Ganesh ji are most essential part of Diwali celebration. They are expected to be prayed at a particular lagna. In order to get the best blessings of Laxmi Ganesh puja, you must worship the idols of God and Goddesses by enchanting Sanskrit hymns and believing in the grace of God from bottom of heart. Until and unless you have a Belief in the blessings of Ganesh Lakshmi pooja, nothing is going to work that well.

 Choicest Ganesh Laxmi Pujan quotations and SMS for Diwali

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 1

  • Ganesh Laxmi ka Roop Nirala Hai, Dono ka Chehra Bhola Bhala hai, hai, aae koi bhi musibatusse Pehle, Bapp aaur Maa Ne Mujhe sambhala hai. happy Diwali.

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 2

  • Khushiya maa aur Bappa ke Aashirwad ka Janam Janam Ka Saath Ho, aapki Zubaan Par sirf aur sirf achi baat ho, Jab Bhi Koi pareshani Hai, My Friend Ganesha and Mahalaxmi aapka Saath Ho.

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 3

  • Ganesh Laxmi Pujan se nor Milta Hai, Dil Ko Sukoon Milta Hai, Ganesh Laxmi Ji aapke Dwaraur Agar unko agar man se poojo toh Unka Aashirvaad zaroor Milta Hai.

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 4

  • Diwali aagayihai to aap se yaadrakhnaki GM matlab Ganpati Morya aur gnboleto Ganeshaya namah.

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 5

  • may lords Lakshmi and God Ganesha gives you best of health, lots of energy and BundikaLaddu to drown your sorrows. May you get birth of Peda and lots of sweets this Diwali to enjoy the occasion happily.

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 6

  • Aajmaa mood meinhai, DegilakhoAashirwad, man mein ho saktiShraddhatohkaroMaa Lakshmi Aur Ganesh Ki darkar.

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 7

  • Mahalaxmi Aur Ganesh AayeHain Bade Dhoom Dhaam Se ..Hamare dil main bas gayehain Donolage bus Pal Bhar, Denge Ashirwad Bhar Bhar. Diwali Ki Aayi Dekho Shubh Ghadi Jalti Hai Charoore fuljhadi.

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 8

  • 1 2 3 4, Mahalaxmi Ki Jai Jaikar, PaanchCheSaathAath, Aaomilkemanaediwaliabkibaar.

Laxmi Ganesh puja wishes number 9

  • Aapko Samridhi Mile Ganesh ji ke pethe jitti Badi, Khushiyan Mile modak Jaisi Meethi, Zindagi Ho Sudhkitrah lambi aur Diwali ho Ganesh Jiashirvad se bhari.

Lakshmi and Ganesh pooja enrich heart and soul with the blessings of almighty. The pooja is conducted to remove the obstacles and to keep the family life prosperous and Happy. Ganesh Lakshmi pooja brings good fortune and fills home with health, health, happiness and eternal peace.