Kali chaudas Pooja

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India celebrates Diwali for several days. Before the arrival of the Holy festival, people begin with the celebration in form of Dhanteras Puja, Choti Diwali, Kali chaudas Puja ,Bhai Dooj and padeva. the festival of Kali chaudas is also referred as narak Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali. Just a day before the Holi festival of Diwali, people celebrate a miniature version of the festival by offering prayers to God and bursting crackers on a small scale.

Kali chaudas Puja Date | 5th November 2018 that is Monday

Kali chaudas Puja is celebrated because Goddess Kali combated demon Narkasur. The day is particularly celebrated to celebrate the victory of Lord Krishna on Narkasur. In some of the Indian region, it is believed that Lord Hanuman reached Ayodhya convey the arrival of Lord Ram after winning on upon Ravan the demon. Therefore, the citizens of Ayodhya started performing in Lakshmi puja, Kali Puja as a mark of festivity and celebration. There was a lot of happiness amongst people because of which day simultaneously celebrated Kali chaudas Pooja and Choti Diwali.

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Kali chaudas Puja which one of the most celebrated Hindu festivals because it marks the advent of Diwali. The festival is more enthusiastically celebrated in Northern and western part of India representing worship of Goddess Kali. People commonly share Kali chaudasPoojawallpapers, images and pictures on digital media for energizing the mood of festivity.

Kali chaudas Puja quotations and messages

  • Mata se Prath nakar tahuki is Kali chaudasPooja main aapko Vardan De khushiyon Ka Aur Samridhi ka. Bhagwan se aapki Sukh Shanti ke liye vinti karta hoon. Aapko Kali chaudas Pooja ki bahut bahut shubhkamnaye aapka Din Shubh Ho.
  • happy Kali chaudas Pooja to you and your family.
  • Thali hai Pooja Se Bhari, Charuaur kuch Khali Hai Jodi, how many km Nair Kali chaudas Puja Ka Ye Din, Agle Din Kare Diwali ki Dherotayari. Happy Kali chaudas Pooja and Happy Diwali
  • Is Kali chaudas Pooja ke din Bhagwan aapko Samridhi De aur Buri Nazar Se Bachaye. Happy Kali chaudas Pooja ambe maa aapko Ashirwad de.
  • Maa adi shakti aapke Jeevan Mein Sukh Shanti aur Samridhi birthday, Mata Ji ko pranam is Kali chaudas Pooja ke din.
  • Diyo ne diye Khushiyon Ke Rang, ho jao Malang, kyuki aaj Aaya Hai Kali chaudas Puja ka din.
  • Milke deep jalao Jhilmil, Aaj hi Kali chaudaska shubh din.

happy diwali and kali pujaLovely quotations on Kali chaudas Puja

  • Love increases 100 times when you celebrate the festival of Kali chaudas Puja with your family and beloved ones. This Kali puja, let us celebrate the festival with all the happiness and enthusiasm.
  • Aapke Jeevan Mein such samridhi aur sampannata badhti Jaaye, Laxmi Ji aapke Dwar baram bar aae, ghar mein Khushali or Suvidha Phulena Samaye, aapka bhi Dukh Na Paye Aisi manokamna ke satha apko happy Kali chaudas Puja ki shubhkamnaye deta hoon.Happy Kali chaudas Puja

Choti Diwali quotations and Kali chaudas Puja celebration messages for WhatsApp and Instagram

kali puja and diwali greetingsThe happiness of Diwali is celebrated in many forms. Some of the people choose to rehearse for the main festival of Diwali by giving it a name of Choti Diwali. Where as, some of the people choose to celebrate Kali chaudasPooja for marking the advent of the festival .Kali chaudas Puja on Choti Diwali is expected to fall on 6th November 2018.

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Happy Kali chaudas Puja messages

  • Let us celebrate Kali chaudasPoojaby praying to Lord Krishna for filling our heart with courage just the way he showed in killing narkasur. May the festival bring splendid joy and best wishes to you and your family.Happy Kali chaudas Puja
  • appreciate your life for you can celebrate Diwali and Kali chaudas Puja with your family. Let your heart feel happy and forget all the burden of life. Let us surrender ourselves to Goddess Lakshmi and follow the Diwali festival rituals with best care and concern. Happy Diwali and Kali chaudas Puja.
  • May the day of Kali chaudas Puja brings lot of triumph and victory in your family. I wish that you get courageous just like Lord Krishna who defeated Narkasur the demon. May you overcome all the dark shades of life and have a bright full and Sunny journey ahead. Happy Kali chaudas Puja
  • may the festival of Kali chaudas Pooja bring you brimming pot of happiness, riches and health. May you have all the success, satisfaction and Sovereignty. Happy Kali chaudas Puja
  • May you get all the success just the way Lord Ram got over Raman and Lord Krishna got over Narkasur. Major festival of Kali chaudas Puja brings beauty, health, prosperity, and happiness for you, your family and your beloved ones. May you have a ballistic Diwali and soulful Kali chaudas Puja celebration.Happy Kali chaudas Puja

kali puja & diwali smsJust the way Diwali festival is marked with more lighting, happiness and preparation of good food, Kali chaudasPoojais also celebrated in the same day. The festival of Kali chaudas Puja in form of Choti Diwali is celebrated in countries like Singapore, Nepal, Malaysia and Sri Lanka besides India. People widely worship goddess laxmi to bless them with valor, prosperity and health. They enchant guru mantras for Kali chaudasPuja and also do charity to the poor. As the token of Kali chaudas Puja festival, people provide new clothes and money to the workers for keeping them happy and cheerful.

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On the day of Kali chaudas Pooja, people sing melodies and ancient mantras for offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi. They also prepare delectable desserts and consume Saltins for enhance the brimming joy of Kali chaudas Pooja.