How Many Diyas To Light On Diwali 2018

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The Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in the world. It is the festival of lights that celebrated by the Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, and others around the globe. The people share sweets and gifts to each other. The People decorate their homes with the diyas, candles, earthenware oil lamps and others. The Diwali lamp is known as Diya.

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The diwali in 2018, the lamps are fuelled by the oil. The Diwali lamp brings the prosperity to the residential place. The diwali in 2018 is celebrated on new moon day and it is the darkness everywhere. The people light huge range of the lamps to get relieved of darkness in the diwali in 2018. One lamp has capable to light huge range of lamps without changing its light. The lighting diyas helps to create the positive energy in the home and entire city.

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Five-day celebration of Diwali

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During the diwali in 2018, the diyas, lanterns, candles, and others are lighted up. The diwali in 2018 is celebrated as the 5 day festival such as Dhanteras, Naraka Chaturdasi, Lakshmi Puja, Padwa, Balipratipada, Bhai Duj and the Bhaiya Dooji. On this festival, the homes are lit up with the candles, unique electric light, candles and much more. The earthen lamps are equipped with the cotton wicks that are burned in huge range most of the home.

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Importance of diyas in Diwali

During the diwali in 2018, the Light is the sign in the Hinduism that signifies the purity, good luck, power, goodness, and others. The light existences darkness, evil forces and negative energy from the home and life. The Diwali convey one of the most important messages of unity. During the diwali in 2018, the people light more than hundred of diyas on their home. The people have decorated their home and the entire city with the diyas on this festival that signifies the good triumph over the evil.

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One of the main reasons for diyas lighting during the diwali in 2018 is to invite Goddess into the homes. The large number of the diyas to light on the diwali in 2018 should be fourteen and the diyas is filled with the oil or ghee. The diya is the important part of the Lakshmi pooja. The diwali in 2018 is celebrated on November 6. The poojas require the particular number of the diyas which provides to the gods.




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