Health Reasons To Avoid Crackers During Diwali 2018 Night

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Obviously, Diwali 2018 night is the celebration of lighting lamps to remove dark from everywhere. But Diwali 2018 night is not proposed to fire so many crackers. The lights which lighten in everyone’s home to give a way of good deeds that are what Diwali is celebrating every year. But how the practice of firing crackers has taken place on Diwali night is still a mess.

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Now the Diwali 2018 night is coming ahead in this time all have to avoid firing crackers to save every living thing. Since, apart from its colorful lights crackers are having health threatening factors. That’s why Diwali 2018 night is going take the first step to stop firing crackers. Even a lot of factors keep on revealed by the Government still peoples are finding joy in firing crackers.

Serious thread behind crackers:

When you consider to firecrackers in Diwali 2018 night means obviously you will do it in public. At that time the patients who are brutally affected by asthma will be caused by chest pain. Because crackers are made by means of copper and cadmium these components are toxic and create so much pollution. Even you too experience some disease like allergic rhinitis, including sneezing, runny nose and headaches after firing crackers.

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The intensity of the gas:

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The compounds used on the crackers will spread over all the places and it will stay for long term. Besides, the environment will be completely polluted by means of air and water. As per the World Health Organisation report, the amount of pollutant partials presented in the environment has reached levels which were 10-14 times the beyond the safe limit. And it is not just information 4.4 million schoolchildren in Delhi was suffered from incurable lung disease. Really during Diwali 2018 night, there will be worst air quality and it is not fair to smoke.

Noise pollution:

Even some Diwali 2018 night loud noising crackers are banded some of its kinds are creating deep noise which reaches to the extensive level of sound. If this condition exceeds then half of the peoples will be affected by a nervous breakdown and mental health disorder. Due to such loud noise old age peoples, newborn babies and innocent animals are brutally affected also by seeing the lights.

Think for the better future:

Leave about the past mistakes and take some steps to avoid firing crackers in the upcoming Diwali 2018 night and have a pollution and noise free Diwali 2018 night ahead.


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