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Happy Diwali SMS messages are amazingly elating. They Make our festival all the more joyful through the creatively written words received on our WhatsApp chat and Facebook chats. Happy Diwali short message in English and Hindi have been added in our collection for your help.

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Creative happy Diwali short message

The occasion of happy Diwali not only makes us happy with a joyful celebrations but also ads on to our health. We pay a special attention upon the hygiene and cleanliness of the home along with preparing tastiest meals with soulful delicacies that not only taken our palette but also quench our soul. We can commonly find happy Diwali short message inform of written quotations over the Diwali images forwarded as WhatsApp messages and social media status.

  • May Diwali gives you in your dreams, avenues, fresh hope, everything right and gives you pleasant surprise for the soulful happiness of your family and prosperity. Happy Diwali.Happy Diwali short message
  • may the night of Diwali bring the holy footprint Of Mahalakshmi with all the happiness, colors and brightness. Wishing you more colorful and truthful Diwali this year.Happy Diwali short message

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  • My everyday with you is like Diwali so let’s make a pledge that we are going to stay together not only on this Diwali but for all the Diwali that we see together alive. Wish you the happiest Diwali and please accept my heartfelt greeting.
  • sending you the entire smile for my happiness, prosperity and special day on the occasion of Diwali to you and your family. I know that more than receiving sweets and gifts, heartfelt Diwali wishes matter.

Happy Diwali short message is enough to make one remind that you are remembered on the main day.

happy diwali in hindi languageHappy Diwali is blessed with the presence of Lord Lakshmi and Happy Diwali short message from our loved ones. It is a wonderful time when people celebrate this festival that social harmony and peace. The magical moments of the valley are they celebrated best when we are surrounded by our family friend and relatives.

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Happy Diwali short messages for WhatsApp and Instagram

  • May god give you lot of crackers in Diwali but not match stick to blast them. Please save environment this Diwali and say no to crackers.
  • I wish from God that you get Inna illumination, and lightening, supreme understanding and love for all. This Diwali let us pleasure to transform ourselves into better human being.happy Diwali short message
  • this Diwali Khushiyon wali Sathlaidher Sara Ashirwad from Mahakali. Don’t expect too much rhyming you chip Kali. I have just written this SMS jokingly. please forward to everyone enthusiastically. Happy Diwali and Happy Diwali. happy Diwali short message
  • duniya bharki Khushiyan Aapko Mila, aao is Diwali Khul Ke jeeley, Kya Bharosa Kal ka, Mane Diwali ka Tohar Saath Milkar.
  • mithai ki mithas, fuljhadiki Roshni, Dua deta hoon aapko mile Khushiyon Ki Ladai Diwali Ki Har Ghadi. happy Diwali short message
  • may the pious light of Diwali show us the correct way to lead our life and fill ourselves with all the glory and satisfaction.
  • Diwali night is all about happiness, more lighting and beginning of good things. Happy Diwali
  • may the happiness of Diwali remain in your life forever and joyful festival impacts you with all the blessings from Almighty forever. Happy Diwali.happy Diwali short message
  • the auspicious Diwali occasion becomes all the most soulful when you believe in the blessings Of Mahalakshmi and doing good to others. Once you become a better person, Diwali is there in your life every day.
  • have a blasting Diwali, Dhoom machao Ranjana Apno ke sath Khushia manao. Pakwan banao Sabko khilao bas Dhyan Rakhna ki zada mote Na Ho Jao. happy Diwali.happy Diwali short message
  • I am sending Pratishtha Samadhan, Shanti, and swaastha this Diwali for you and your family. Happy Deepavali. happy Diwali short message.

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Sentimental happy Diwali short message

  • the occasion of Diwali is more about paying respect to the elder instead of offering a thali of the earthen lamp to the God. Let’s change our spirit this Diwali and become a better person.
  • may the Divine light of Diwali enlighten your home with lots of peace, happiness and prosperity besides good health. May you get all the seven happiness that a human being long for. Have a blasting and safe Diwali.
  • Diwali is coming soon, prepared For bombarding boon.happy Diwali short message.
  • let’s move to the temple and become more simple this Diwali let’s become a better human being instead of staying Bawali.

happy new year diwalihappy Diwali short messages not only enhance the spirit of the festival but also gives us motivational teachings. I personally learnt from the Happy Diwali messages to not to burst crackers and become more conscious towards the environment. We all must choose to forward such messages so that the festival of Diwali does not ruin our environment.Happy Diwali short message

The whole goal of Diwali is about spreading happiness and endorsement of truthfulness over evilness. Once you become a better person this Diwali, the main impact of the occasion is already upon us.

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Diwali Joytish Tips

Other name of Diwali, let us let’s not to litter upon the face of our mother earth or harm the innocent animals.

Happier Diwali short message

  • If I could change the colors to wish you Happy Diwali, I would have send the brightest color from the rainbow to say you happy Diwali.
  • The warmest Diwali wishes are just as sparkling as the crackers and gleam of diyas.happy Diwali short message