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Galicha Rangoli design , pattern and style

No matter at which part of India you live, galicha Rangoli design is drawn by every Indian women on the event of Diwali. The ritual of drawing rangoli on the auspicious day of Diwali has been practiced since hundreds of years. The trend is passed on from one generation to another irrespective of their culture and cast. The beautiful galicha rangoli designs are not only drawn in orthodox family but also in the modern ones. The only difference is about the colour selection and quality of Rangoli.




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In rural areas, galicha rangoli design is most of the time drawn by using white coloured Rangoli powder. On the other hand, the city side people usually prefer drawing galicha Rangoli using different colour combinations. A set of geometrical patterns can be drawn by the beginners. Young ladies, women and unmarried girls draw galicha rangoli at the entrance of the home or towards the corners.

Why people draw galicha rangoli?

According to scientistific study and several researches, galicha rangoli brings positive vibration with Calming effect at home.scientifically, if you spread some sand over a metal plate, it generates certain frequency and resonance which have a positive impact on human beings. It is also approved by the medical expert that creating random patterns on Earth and metal plate create a healing effect. In medical language it is called cymatherapy.

ganpati rangoli designs for diwaliIt’s a fact that brain responds to the visual patterns depending on shapes. when a person visualizes galicha Rangoli in different geometric shapes and patterns, it automatically activates neural circulatory.This positively affects the overall emotions of the onlooker. It’s not just the shapes but also the colour combinations which stimulate mental working. Galicha Rangoli patterns and design ideas shortage over the internet. You can take a reference from Plain White coloured galicha rangoli designs or colourful ones depending upon the type of Rangoli powder you have.

laxmi puja rangoligalicha rangoli designs quotations, proverbs and cliché

  • I love to draw galicha rangoli, wish you a very happy and peaceful Diwali
  • Aao Milke Banae galicha rangoli, Bade hey tyohar Holi aur Diwali
  • Galicha Rangoli hai bahut hi Sundar, isko nahibanasaktehain ghar ke bandhar!!
  • Galicha Rangoli banao baar baar, Diwali ka Aaya Hai Shubha tyohaar
  • galicha rangoli, aao Milke Banae sab sang
  • Galicha Rangoli on Diwali ke Satsang, Dur kardenge Hazaro wipdae Turrant
  • Galicha Rangoli Sundar Lagti, Diwali ke din shubh rang Bharti, Mahalaxmi ko ghar Bulati, chalo Banaye Do Char Rangoli Milke Bane Khushiyon Bhari deepawali
  • galicha Rangoli bananeke Sab Saath, nahi Aane Wala Diwali ka tyohaar barambar, Apnoko do pyar, Yahi Hai Hamari Dayro shubhkamnaye aapke saath.

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