Gadbade Festival during diwali in Northern India

Gadbade Festival

There are the different range of festivals can be celebrated throughout India.  Before Diwali, lots of festivals can be celebrated.

Gadbade Festival is one of the important celebrations in the North Indian. It is considered as the sanjhi mata festival. This is specially celebrated in Punjab and Haryana.

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This type of festival arrives in the month of the October or November. It is the full moon day that celebrated in advance of the Diwali festival. The Gadbade Festival gives the special feeling to the people who belong to the Hindu religion. You can learn how it is celebrated in North India.

Gadbade Festival

Importance of the festival:

The full moon day is celebrated very eagerly by the people before Diwali. The people believed that the moon light of the Sharad Purnima is pure. The people can pray for the moon lights by following the different methods.

You can know the best method to worship the full moon. The people can celebrate the Gadbade Festival with the necessary pooja things and others. The Gadbade Festival is celebrated based on the history goddess Lakshmi.

It gives the prosperity and wealth in the living place. As per the Bhagavad, Lord Krishna and Radha are placed on the Sharad Purnima.

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Gadbade Festival
Gadbade Festival

Purchase the gadbade lamps:

There are various reasons why the people celebrate the Gadbade Festival. With this festival, you can pray for health and wealth of the family members and friends.

During the Gadbade Festival, the people are willing to buy the Gadbade lamps. It is designed with the mud. You can find the suitable lamp for the Gadbade Festival. There is a cut is associated with the lamps that give the oxygen air.

It is necessary for the light source. You can find the right design and shape of the lamp for this festival.

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Celebrate the occasion with great lamps:

The Gadbade Festival is celebrated in a different manner. You can use it as a decoration light in your home during the Gadbade Festival. This is celebrated in a traditional method. It really looks very beautiful in your home.

At the time of the Gadbade Festival, the people worship the famous god and make a vegetarian food. They serve the food to the family members and give the gift to the children.

The elders in the family provide some amount of money to the young children. You can place the lamp in the pooja room.



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