Free hand rangoli design

Free hand rangoli design ideas for beginners, Diwali and Instagram post

The traditional rangoli designs are created using different tools and techniques. The beginners generally choose to draw freehand rangoli designs in order to gain command over the art. Free hand rangoli designs represent festivity, special occasions and piousness of the day. The evolution of different rangoli design has been existing since the golden Era. The trend still continues and is practiced in Holy, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi and several other festivals.

free hand rangoli designs┬áThe complimenting free hand rangoli designs can be created in different ways. Let us find out how –

  • Free hand rangoli design idea number one

The Peacock freehand rangoli design idea is always inspirational for the beginner and export Rangoli artist. The main part of such a design features of big size peacock in the middle whereas the outer border can be decorated with floral patterns and inverted mango designs.

  • Free hand rangoli design idea number 2

The use of Subtle color such as bright sky Blue as the base gives a unique embellishment to the free hand rangoli design. The star pattern rangoli looks beautiful when drawn in verandah of the home.

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  • Free hand rangoli design idea number 3

The beautiful sweet rangoli design can be clubbed with earthen lamp designs to enhance the overall beauty. You can create random geometrical patterns with the main designs of free hand rangoli.

  • easy rangoli designs for diwaliFree hand rangoli design Idea number 4

This is yet another idea of Free hand rangoli design for the beginners that require minimal color. The auspicious diyas make the rangoli design more enchanting and revitalizing. The colors such as Saffron, purple, yellow, green and pink create a design that is worth sharing on a social media page.

  • Free hand rangoli design idea number 5

The floral pattern of Free hand rangoli design is always Earth drawing. We all have a special love for the Mother Nature. Therefore, humans always create a replica of natural Birds, flowers and other scenes that Mother Nature has. The contrasting color variations with a floral design right in the middle of the Free hand rangoli design can be drawn with little practice and patience.

  • Free hand rangoli design idea number 6

Small rangoli designs can be drawn at multiple places of your home. The Free hand rangoli design looks best when drawn towards the corners of the home. In the middle of the verandah, you can create a bigger version of dose miniature freehand designs created different corners of the home.

  • Free hand rangoli design idea number 7

Last but not the least in our list, create a hexagonal freehand Rangoli patterns with a circular shape design in the middle to catch the attention of the onlookers. Choose a combination of white, bright pink color purple and orange file creating minute details for deflecting your expertise in the rangoli art.

More than talent and creativity, free hand rangoli designs require patients and urge to beautify home. Instead of investing upon difficult Rangoli powder, you can also choose to colors ungrounded rice and use the same to draw different free hand rangoli designs.