Diwali Muggulu

Rangoli designs for Diwali are also known as Diwali Muggulu patterns. People commonly draw beautiful rangoli designs at the entrance and their entire home. Enthusiastically, young girls select different Diwali Muggulu designs for colorful and auspicious decoration of their home.

scenery rangoli designs for diwaliRangoli certainly requires a lot of patience and efforts to come out beautiful. It is a rare skill which requires practice and dedication. Diwali Muggulu design ideas are available online so that you can easily generate striking patterns in the easiest possible way. Step by step guide for Diwali Muggulu Encounters hit and trial for the beginners. They can straight away follow the method and create diversified designs.

diwali muggulu

Diwali Muggulu quotations, proverbs and status for Instagram and Facebook

  • chalo Saath Milke Bane Diwali aur rangoli. Maafkar de un Sab Ko janewali Choriaur Dhokha Dhadi. Diloko Bhar De Rangoli Ke Rang se, aap sab par Mahalaxmi ki kripa Barse.
  • Rangoli banao ghar ko deep au rKhushboo se sajao.
  • Create a beautiful Diwali mugulu and say bye bye to every ullu.

Creating a Diwali Muggulu needs planning from before hand. You just cannot choose random colours or area to do the creativity. A place where nobody accidentally steps upon the Diwali Muggulu must be chosen. Either the entrance Area on the middle of the hall would be the best place to show some creativity.

rangoli colours

Here are few more value problems, WhatsApp status and one liner

  • Diwali Muggulu is my favorite thing to do.
  • Diwali Muggulu brings out charm of the festival and creates a pious environment.
  • say no to crackers and yes to Diwali Muggulu
  • Why to sit idle when you can create a beautiful Diwali Muggulu
  • The most beautiful Diwali Muggulu is the one which receives footprints of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • The peacock Diwali Muggulu is adorable and pious. Wish you a Happy Diwali and best of luck for beautifying your home.
  • Diwali Muggulu is incomplete without the Diya and lamp. I know you would create the best design as you are a Little Champ.
  • choose Subtle hue on Diwali Muggulu .
  • colorful blue on Diwali Muggulu
  • all of you create Diwali Muggulu
  • Why to shy when you have best Diwali Muggulu designs nearby
  • Create a vibrant atmosphere with energizing Diwali Muggulu

The beautiful rangoli art patterns are particularly practiced by Indian women. Little girls and Middle Age women also create Diwali Muggulu patterns depending upon their interest and creativity. Alternatively, people buy readymade Diwali Muggulu stickers and paste them in the middle of their home, corners and at entrance area. The readymade stickers of Diwali Muggulu come in all shapes, size and design.

The colored Diwali Muggulu is particularly my favorite. Instead of using the typical White colored Diwali Muggulu design, I would suggest to draw multi colored Diwali Muggulu for grabbing the attention and appreciation from everyone. Diwali Muggulu is a part of rural and modern India. You don’t have to think before choosing to do it.