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diwali puja ritualsHere we have latest and most creative Dhanteras Puja SMS, quotations, and status that you can forward to your friends and relatives with all the feelings in your heart. The auspicious occasion of Dhanteras is known to fall on 13th lunar day according to the Hindu calendar.

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Monday, 5 November 2018

The occasion of Dhanteras Puja brings special prosperity, health and wealth to the family. DhanterasPooja is done by the elders of the family by offering prayers, flowers and sweets to Goddess Lakshmi. People shop for customary goods, precious metals and household items for getting more good luck in their homes. The gazette holiday for Diwali particularly begins on the day of Dhanteras Puja. We have created a wholesome list of Dhanteras Puja SMS for brightening up the faces of the receivers. You can always read, forward and enjoy our Dhanteras Puja collection in Hindi and English.

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Dhanteras Puja messages in Hindi and English

  • Beth kar aai Lakshmi sone Ki rath mein aur Chandi Ki Palki Mein, degi aapke Parivaar ko shubh kamnaye aur Dhero Dhanteras Ki Badhai.Dhanteras Puja
  • karie Dhanteras Puja, AayegiKripa, safaltaKadamchumekhushiyon se aapka Ghar Aangan Jhoome, jash Itna Ho Ki Kasturi ko Sharam Aaye, Lakshmi Ki kripa aap sebarambar Barastijae .
  • Dhanteras aapke ghar pehai Khushiyan Apaaar, Mahalaxmi biraje aapke Dwarauraapsevinti Karta Hoon Ki Kare Meri shubhkamnaye Sweekar. Dhanteras Puja Ki laakhoshubhkamanae
  • Maida Holi festival of Dhanteras brings you 4, peaceful life and more prosperity. May you have a soulful Dhanteras – done, health, Anand, nature, nature, talent, enjoyment, Romance, aaitbaar, soBhagya and honesty.= happy Dhanteras.
  • may you have a glowing. suntan blow for the entire day, candle for few hours from a matchstick for few seconds but I wish my Dhanteras blessings make your life glow forever.Happy Dhanteras Puja
  • Dhanteras ke din, asurparajit, Devtavirajat, Amritpaoaapbarambar. Detahuaapko Dhanteras kaAshirwadSauBaar, hazaarbaar.Dhanteras Puja Ki shubkamane
  • KhattiMeetheMeethePakwan, Lag JaJaKeShahar Mein Char Chand, is Dhanteras aapfalefoole, JeevanBhar Mahalaxmi Ki Kripa Se Khushiyon ke Jhule Mein Jhule.
  • Dhanteras Ki Mangal Bela Aayi Khushiyon ko Hamari dehleez tak hai Lai, Goonj Rahi Aasman Mein Patako Ki Awaz, Mahalaxmi kaAshirwadBarseSeedhe aapke Dwar. Apke parivar ko Dhanteras PujaKi shubkamane

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Dhanteras is celebrated as a part of Diwali Festival. The term Dhanteras is divided into two words in whichdhan means –  wealth and teras means- 13th day.

it is very important to perform Dhanteras Puja by offering prayers to Kuber and goddess Mahalakshmi. The occasion of Dhanteras is best celebrated when we share soulful and heartfelt Dhanteras Puja SMS and status for Whatsapp and Instagram with our loved ones.

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The blessed day of Dhanteras is believed to bring lots of prosperity and wealth to the family. According to the mythology, Goddess Lakshmi emanated out of milky ocean during churning .the devotees invest auspicious gold and silver coins for worshiping Maa Lakshmi and Lord Kubera.

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People who could not clean their homes for some particular reason, make sure that they do the needful for welcoming goddess laxmi. Everyone enthusiastically prepares for Dhanteras Pujaand decorates the home with lights, colored bulbs and chandeliers.

diwali puja saman 2018Dhanteras Puja Ki shubkamane

  • Blessings are eternal and wealth is temporal. Wish you Heartless Dhanteras Puja blessings to you and your family.
  • Mahalaxmi Kannur aapke Dwar par Barse, BharBharKetheleBharkepaisetapke, ItnaAshirwad de Mahalaxmi aapko Ki Aapchillad Ko Tarse.Dhanteras PujaKi shubkamane
  • May the journey of Dhanteras brings you better success, wealth and prosperity with your blessings from Mahalaxmi on this Diwali.
  • May god give you more surprises and blessings this Dhanteras. May you get what your heart believes and may the Lord blesses you beyond your expectations. Wish you Shubha Dhanteras to you and your family and all the beloved ones.
  • May Goddess Lakshmi give you 13 times more wealth then what you had till now. My God give you all the heartily blessing and warm wishes.
  • Dhanteras is my favorite day of Diwali. It allows me to do lots of shopping and meet my beloved friends. Happy Dhanteras anime you get more utensils, coins, gems and fortune.
  • I wish that the occasion of Dhanteras give you lots of blessings and more happiness…

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  • Dhanteras Ki hardik shubhkamnaye, Asha Karta Hoon Ki Sanskriti, Saraswati Puja AapKa dwaar deepo se jagmagae, Mahalaxm iapna Ashirwad se shushobhit karea apko.

Dhanteras Puja is one of the most important festival of Diwali celebration. It is a contemporary festival that is celebrated together by shopping for household stuff with near and dear ones.

diwali puja todayThese are few more Dhanteras Puja quotations for you –

  • may the festival of Dhanteras gives you undiscovered avenues, seamless hopes and peaceful perspective. May you have the brightest Dhanteras with soulful blessings and eternal happiness?
  • Aapke karobaar Mein Unnati Ho Din Raat, maha Lakshmi aapko DeVardhan, ParivarAapKaSukh me phalephoole, Jeevan aapka Khushiyon ke Jhule Mein Jhule.

Dhanteras Puja is best celebrated with WhatsApp status for Dhanteras, picture cards and GIf and beautiful quotations that reflect the blessings Of Mahalakshmi and Lord Kubera. Dhanteras Puja Ki shubkamane.

The festival of Dhanteras is also known as dhanatrayodashi and is expected to fall on 5th November, Monday 2018. sites buying clothes, utensils and much more, people purchase rice, flour and vermicelli to mark the arrival of goddess Laxmi. They never feel to share Dhanteras Puja blessings which are heart touching in form of text messages and SMS