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The beautiful corner Rangoli designs are created in floral, geometrical, animal, traditional and creative style patterns. You can choose to make your own corner rangoli design by having a glimpse on our suggestions available in form of images. The Peacock rangoli design for Diwali decorations are most of the times selected by the household ladies. The peacock corner design for rangoli can be clubbed with Diwali Diya to make them appear traditional and holy.

On the day of Diwali, household individuals create corner Rangoli designs for marking the auspicious festival. Some of the people also draw Rangoli towards the entrance of the home for welcoming the guests and Goddess Mahalakshmi.

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The corner Rangoli designs appear auspicious and provide the festival feel. They are necessarily created for the purpose of religious observance. The curved lines and beautiful images produce the religious effect to the home. You don’t need any particular measurement, brush or thread to create corner Rangoli designs. Just free hand movement is enough to draw different shapes with all the ease and comfort.

The corner Rangoli designs are created using course powder which is created by burning rice husk. The White colored Ash obtained is called Rangoli and used as a powder for creating Different designs.

How to draw rangoli design?

In order to draw corner Rangoli designs, the first step is to clean the surface with some soap and water solution. Traditionally people use cow dung for purifying the entrance of the home.

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The second step is to choose a special symbol for creating it on the floor. Make sure that it is doable else it’ll waste a whole lot of time and effort. The ones who art drawing corner Rangoli designs for the first time can choose to draw simple geometrical figures which represent piousness of Diwali. If you think you are creative enough, choose to draw a beautiful figure having wide shape, curve and design.

At last, fill up the colors according to the selected design and shape. You can draw corner Rangoli designs on a tiled floor at any place you want.

In case you are planning to offer prayers upon the rangoli design, make sure that you draw it on a wooden plank.

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Corner Rangoli designs quote 1

  • Chalo Mane Khushiyon Ki Diwali or Banai Sundar Rangoli Mil KeSath.

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  • Rangoli is the best art that any Indian women can create .

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  • rangoli stimulate the festivity and charm of Diwali

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  • Laxmi ke Aashirwad ke sath manae Diwali all Main Ghar Ghar Aangan aur Banai Sundar Sundar rangoli.

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  • Rangoli aur boli Jeevan Mein Rehte Hain Umang, Diwali me na rahi abItni khushhali kyunki jeevan main aarhi Mithi Boli.

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  • Diwali main banao rangoli Aur Baaton Khushiyan saath Milke Hum joli..